SIMRA Greece

Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA II) is an innovative project funded by European Commission. It brings together 9 organisations from 5 EUcountries, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Sweden and UK, with direct impact on 1500 migrant women. SIMRA’s II general objective is to foster active participation of migrant/asylum seeking/ refugee women in the ‘host’ society by developing, implementing and evaluating a pilot intervention scheme.This is expected to create the space for social interaction on the premise that the more dynamic and inclusive the interaction, the more successful the integration.

The project covers various aspects of everyday life coupled with cultural initiatives, facilitating access to rights and equal opportunities, on the premise that active participation in the social interaction leads to integration. The project brings together good practice created by all the partners. It aims to create a common tool for active participation of migrant women. The partnership has adopted principles of the action-research methodology – the findings will be shared with stakeholders with a view to having a positive impact on policy development. The project includes;

  • ·An innovative pilot intervention scheme, fostering active participation of women- third country nationals in educational and social activities, also creating the realm for positive social interaction leading to integration.
  • Build capacity of migrant women to actively participate in social life through empowerment, training and skills upgrade 
  • Professionals in the field of integration, enhancing their ability to leverage participation of third country nationals in social interaction. 

The project so far…

  1. Kick off meeting:Presenting the project and the work packages to the EU partners

11-12/1/2018 - Hotel AJAX Limassol, Cyprus

  1. Training of the Professionals: Developing the SIMRA approach, concepts and intervention scheme with EU partners

27/6/2018 - 1/7/2018-  Hotel Danae, Aegina

  1. Step Up 2 Democracy – Supporting migrant women towards active participation in art, culture

17/10/2018 – 14/12/2018 - Saathi House Women’s Centre

  1. Believe to achieve – Supporting migrant women towards emancipation and integration, through employment and entrepreneurship

Starting 5/1/2019 – Saathi House Women’s Centre

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