In 2013, Legacy WM worked in partnership with other organisations to develop a proposal for a People’s Heritage & Arts Centre in Birmingham. The Old Fire Station in Handsworth, a listed building, was identified as a possible site for this project.

The aim of the project was to create a physical base that would:

  • Host exhibitions, presentations and events
  • Establish and maintain an interactive ICT resource
  • Develop learning materials for schools, colleges and other organisations
  • Stimulate research and project work into the diverse and shared heritage of all the people living in Birmingham
  • provide a base and outlet for other community heritage projects.

The aim was to strengthen links between different communities in Birmingham and create a community hub that celebrates diversity, supports individuals and organisations to deliver heritage-focused projects.

The proposal required a significant amount of capital funding to get it off the ground as well as a feasibility study. So far the partnership has not identified funding for this, but it is something Legacy WM hopes to pursue at some point in the future.

An artists impression and walk through has been done courtesy of Monteith Scott. A link will be available soon.