Family Fit is our largest project. It aims to work with local families, mainly ethnic minorities, to improve their health and wellbeing. It is funded by a three-year grant from the Big Lottery Fund, September 2015-August 2018.

We will be delivering Family Fit events in and around the Perry Barr District in northwest Birmingham, so please get in touch with us if you’d like to host an event.

What is Family Fit all about?

We want to work with local minority ethnic communities and involve them in healthy living activities. We will do this by:

  • Working with children and their parents/guardians
  • Promoting and developing lifestyle changes aimed at improving health and wellbeing.

We will also advocate for the health and wellbeing needs of the local community to local, regional, and national government.

There are three key goals of Family Fit:

  1. Help families to improve their understanding of the links between healthy eating and good mental and physical health
  2. Help children to improve their own sense of physical wellbeing by engaging them in more active lifestyles through sports and physical activity
  3. Get people to commit to sustaining a healthy lifestyle by helping them to develop and implement their own health plans.

To achieve these goals, we will:

  • Support families to develop tailor-made programmes of activities
  • Give advice and support on improving and maintaining a healthy mind and body
  • Carry out regular health checks and assess progress.

Why is this project needed?

The average age of death for men in Birmingham is 77, and 81 f or women.

Data from the 2011 census shows that life expectancy in the northwest inner-city wards of Birmingham is well below these averages:

  • Local male residents can expect to die 9.5 years earlier than men in other parts of the city
  • Women can expect to die 8 years earlier than their better off counterparts.

The reasons behind this are a combination of poor socio-economic status and lifestyle choices:

  • Less than 15% of the local population participates in physical activity or sport for the recommended 90 minutes a week
  • Rates of child obesity are extremely high: 60% of local children are classed as obese by the age of 11
  • Local residents have significant levels of preventable circulatory and heart diseases – the leading cause of death in the local areas.

Become part of this project and host a Family Fit event.



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